Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What if...?

Jacie has many great characteristics, none the least of which is having me for a dad. But there is something which she picked up from her mother. Jennifer has this knack for wondering what could go wrong in a situation. In fact, she's working on a book called What to Suspect When You're Suspecting. I'm sure it'll be a best seller for psychiatrists and counselors around the world.

Jacie would easily fit in the category of people who watch a report on a measles outbreak and then start to itch. Recently her sister was sick and dehydrated. We had to admit her in a hospital to get her back to form. Involved with that was an IV pumping fluids into her body. Then this conversation;

Jacie: What's that in her arm?
Mom: It's an IV, giving Jerica fluids to make her better.
Jacie: Will I have to have an IV?
Mom: Are you sick?
Jacie: No, but what if I get sick some day and need an IV. (Tears) I don't want an IV.

It's the sinking suspicion that someday, somewhere, something will go wrong. At least Jacie will be prepared for it. Ok, Jacie is an easy target on this thing the Bible calls worry, but how are you doing? Do you find yourself fretting over situations that have not happened and may never happen?

I'm pretty sure this is what Jesus was talking about in Matthew 6:25-34. I'm fairly certain that He said there was no point and no profit. Plus, it shows no trust in our Father. If you're reading this and you start to worry if you'll be able to kick the habit of worrying, you should probably go back and read Jesus' words.

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