Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What Are You Capable Of?

I fancy myself to be just like Batman...without the money, the cave, the vendetta, the car and the cool belt. Other than that, we're pretty much the same guy. Does it help my case that I have a boy wonder? It's my son, but I'd take him over a dude in green tights any day.

I've also imagined myself to be similar to Superman...you know, but without the super strength, speed, or that thing he can do with his eyes. Oh, and I'm also not from another planet. But he was a reporter and I like to write, though that hasn't been proven much by my blog. At least, not compared to what I used to write.

The first time I write this post, it sounded like an apology. But that's not really the message I want to convey. Yes, I wish I were posting more. I also wish I had super strength or a cool utility belt, but those things aren't happening right now either. Maybe some day.

The truth is I have been keeping busy. I'm not sitting back, sipping lemonade. I've never cared much for lemonade, plus I can't get my kids to bring it to me. I've been doing some of the same things that I used to write about, but more often than not, the words I want to convey remain elusive.

I don't know why it is. I just know that it is.

I also considered making a commitment to post more, but I also do not want to do that. If the words are not real and they do not feel right, I'd rather keep them to myself to simmer. I am still writing. Many posts are incomplete.

So why do I put this out there. Because I don't feel incomplete. I rest content in God's love for me and His mission on my life. And I just kind of figured someone else would need to hear that too.

You might not be accomplishing all you want to accomplish right now. But God loves you anyway.

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