Monday, March 30, 2015

This is Who We Are

I'm leading my college ministry group through a fantastic book right now. It's called Think, Act, Be Like Jesus by Randy Frazee. He connects what we think to how we act and the outcome is a lifelong virtue. Here's the latest section our group covered.

Who am I? Can you describe yourself in 5 words? Perhaps you've been asked that question before. If you're like me, your answers have varied, depending on whom you were with, how you were feeling about your life, or what you had for lunch that day.

Slightly different question: which description of whom we are in Christ means the most to you? (a child, a temple, a new creation, a member of the body of Christ, a citizen in Heaven, etc.)

How does this description change how you approach each day?

I believe how we see ourselves impacts everything else; how we live our lives, how we treat one another. If we live fully in God’s grace, we’ll be the most willing to pass that grace around. If we try to accomplish things on our own, we’ll be quicker to expect others to work as hard as we do.

“In view of God’s mercy…” As we consider this concept, we are left with an obvious response of total surrender to God’s will. He should so capture our hearts for today and forever that we are compelled to give up our lives for Him – from love, not duty; for worship, not works.” Pg122

Out of an understanding of who we are in Christ, our response should come naturally.

The virtue that comes from understanding who we are and giving it all to God is hope. We hope that everything God has promised will come true. We hope that Heaven lives up to the billing. We hope that it will all be worth it. Because, quite frankly, we’re just as smart and talented as others who appear to succeed in this life. So if this life were all we were living for, we’d like to show them.

But we know it’s not. We have a greater hope. We believe there is more than what we see right now. When we say ‘hope’, it’s not a last-ditch effort at something because we were incapable of anything else. We say ‘hope’, it is resting on a firm foundation, a ground that has been tested and proved, long before we came on the scene. We say ‘hope’ with purpose.

That's who we are.

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