Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Church Has a Purpose, It's Not You

The following list is part of a larger article by Wayne Cordeiro and Francis Chan. It is over here at Christianity Today. They are writing about why people get so mad at pastors. It's a good read.

But I liked this list, because there is still a rebellious youth side of me that would like to put this on a flag and stake it somewhere in every church. Having this in a church wouldn't be so rebellious. Actually, it'd be a good reminder for everyone. The rebellious side would be thumbing my nose at everyone while saying yeahhhh.

That would be childish and immature of me, which is why I won't do that. Yet I will share the list, because it is a good reminder that Church is not about you or I. We don't serve God because of what we get. We serve God because He is worthy.

  • Church will not always make you feel comfortable.
  • Church will not be the answer to your every need.
  • You will sometimes not like what happens at church.
  • You might leave a service unhappy once in a while, particularly if you are seeing yourself in light of God's righteousness.
  • If you are a single person, going to church will not guarantee you a spouse.
  • Going to church will not guarantee that your children will not rebel.
  • Going to church is not the answer to all your financial problems.
  • You might not get along with everybody you meet at church.


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