Tuesday, November 19, 2013

God on the Streets of Gotham

Holy good reads, Batman!

Paul Asay has written a great book for growing Christians and avid Capped Crusader fans alike. Seriously.

God on the Streets of Gotham is a page-turner for anyone who has followed Bruce Wayne for any number of years. While I have never met Paul, I can only assume he is a huge comic book fan, or is incredible at research. I suppose it could be both, but my guess is that his fanboy personality leads to the drive to be thorough.

'No honey, I must watch the movies again for that book I'm working on....it's for Jesus!'

Paul covers everything from the original comics and the days of Adam West all the way through the Christopher Nolan series of late. He even shows himself to be true by calling the George Clooney version 'regrettable.' Good call, Asay!

Along the way, he writes about Batman's origins, his call and his armor, even referring to the Bat-Belt of Truth.

As I am also a big fan of the Bat, I believe Paul does a good job covering the multiple dimensions of this comic book character, capturing the difficulties of calling Batman a hero, analyzing his struggle and his sacrifice.

Asay covers the character thoroughly, quoting from every Bat-source available. I recommend this for anyone serious about their faith and their superheros.

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