Friday, September 5, 2014

But I Didn't Know?

But I didn't know. It's an excuse I hear from my kids when I call them out for not doing something that was expected of them. For example:

Me: Why is your room still dirty?
Them: I didn't know you wanted it clean.
Me: When I asked you to clean your room, that wasn't a clear representation of my expectations?

Yeah, I use big words with my kids. It usually confuses them so they do what I want.

I'll walk away mumbling about how they should have known. I didn't know? 

This is not an excuse that works real well anymore. I think this applies to many areas of life.

Holidays? No one can get to October 30 and say they didn't  know Halloween was coming. Costumes have lined the aisles of stores since just after Labor Day.

Don't even get me started on Christmas. I've already seen Christmas trees peeking out in certain stores. Yep, better buy fake trees before all the good ones are gone. They won't plant more until after Valentine's Day next year. 

But this is also true about God and Heaven and Hell. Christians may not do the best job of proclaiming the good story. But that does not change the truth of the story. We may still be needing to discover some lost people-groups in some jungle somewhere, or learn a language so we can share the Jesus-story, but anyone with a WiFi connection can hear about Jesus.

Seriously, it may not be clear and rational Biblical truth, but just check out the comments section on any article or video...anywhere. Was the article about bunnies? Doesn't matter. Scroll down far enough in the comments section and you will find an argument about world religions. Or Obama. Or Obama and which of the world religions he adheres to. 

Yeah, I believe God has made Himself known. I believe He has made us capable of discovering Him a whole lot easier than we seem to make it. I believe all creation cries out to its Creator. 

But...I didn't  know?

I think you should have known. I think deep down you really did know.

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