Friday, December 5, 2014

God's Public Relations Guy

I could be the public relations guy for God. I'm smart. I know what looks good. I'm not saying God doesn't, but who couldn't use a P.R. guy every once in a while. Someone to explain why the Flood was a good idea. Someone to extrapolate as to why Pharaoh had to go. Someone to talk to the press when things get a little out of control.

Or perhaps someone to kindly suggest things to God. Listen, I work in a church. I see things. I watch the ups and downs of lots of lives. I see how it impacts the lives of others and how the general mood of an entire church family can move.

There have been moments when I believed it would have been a perfect time for a miracle. Yeah, a nobody-could-do-this-but-God type of miracle. I'm not talking about a Lifetime Movie kind of miracle where the bad boy decides to make a good decision. I'm talking proven, walk-on-water, heal-the-sick, turn-water-into-wine, there's no way that could happen, kind of miracle.

I'd even coordinate the timing. Mid-service, just as the pastor is praying for something big, the big happens. Do you want to talk about something that would make a difference in the prayer meeting attendance? I'm talking about a big time miracle here. Something that has us quoting Tommy the doubter, 'I used to believe because I was told, but now I have seen!'

I've seen these moments come and go while God remains silent. Maybe that's too strong a feeling for some, but they just don't know their history. This is the question that philosophers have been asking since the dawn of time. They've been asking God....why?


Why do bad things happen?
Why does death come here?
Why does evil sometimes appear to win?

Don't you see, God? This could have been when you showed up. This could have been when you made an entrance. This could have been when you showed everybody what you're all about. This could have been.

But it wasn't. You let the moment pass. The opportunity slipped by. How does God not see these missed chances the way I do? It could have been huge. It could have been a game changer. How did He not see it?

As the heavens are higher than the earth, so aremy ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. ~Isaiah 55:9

On second thought, maybe God doesn't need a public relations guy.

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