Friday, April 10, 2015

Dad: A Shopping Experience

Who do you call on when the wife and mother are sick and the family still needs to eat?

Normally I'd say my good friend Papa John. But we'd already called him. The illness lingered on and the children demanded to be fed more than once in a week's time. (Remind me to write about this demanding entitled generation, wanting to eat every single day.)

So anyway, back to the original question. Who do you call when the wife is sick and stuff still needs to be done? That's right! You call the dad!

So I decided to go grocery shopping. I could have made the list myself, but my wife thought I might not always make the best decisions. I'm not sure what she's talking about. Keebler is a quality product, am I right?

List in hand, I trudged alone into the aisled wilderness.

And I wandered.

And wandered...

Recognizing products that were often found in my kitchen, I threw them into my cart. Was there backtracking due to a poorly organized list? Maybe. But don't be so judgmental. I didn't see you out there.

Since we're all well-mannered, educated folk, let me ask you a question or two. Why is there no Ziti in this place? Mini-ziti?!? Was there market research done to find out that people did not like normal sized ziti? Check it out! I can fit five times as many mini ziti in my mouth at one time!

Is it bad that I was much more capable of finding the type of cookies I desired than the type of fruit my wife wanted me to get? On second thought, don't answer that.

I thought I was doing pretty good on time until I checked out and looked at the big clock on the wall. I spent over 2 hours getting this food?!? And we're just gonna eat it and have to come back again next week?!? 

I know I may be a bit early in the season for thanking my wife for being a great wife and mom. But if grocery shopping were the only thing she had to do each week, I'd be thankful for her doing it.

And don't even get me started on the cooking that needs to be done. We're doing this every day now?

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