Monday, May 4, 2015

The Day I Replaced a Spark PLug

I changed a spark plug on my lawn mower and got the lawn mower working again.

For people who know me, that statement will cause them to be amazed, in more ways than one. Some will know how my talents in all things mechanical are quite lacking and they will be impressed, Others will wonder how a grown man got to my age without ever having accomplished this before.

Let my naysayers talk all they want. I won't be deterred. The facts are that I have other talents. I can do other things. Some of those other skills are even needed by other people. The 6 year old inside of me wants to say, 'so there.'

It's not for lack of effort on my dad's part. He tried. He really did. He fixed everything we owned while I was growing up. He invited me out to learn and to help. It turned out the best way I could help him was by keeping the flashlight steady.

But now that he's gone and my stuff won't fix itself, I have to learn a few things. So I googled. Yes, I google imaged a spark plug. This was after reading the lawn mower manual and finding out this was a common problem.

Total moment of honesty: I had no belief whatsoever that if I was able to locate the spark plug on my mower that I would be able to find a replacement in the auto parts store. I had less faith that, once I installed the new spark plug, it would actually fix the problem.

But I did locate the spark plug. I did find a replacement part, thanks to the kind lady at the auto parts store. I did get it back in properly. did fix the problem. Hooray, I got to mow my lawn.

So, I changed a spark plug on my lawn mower and got the lawn mower working again.

For what it's worth, if you have a lack of proficiency in some area, and you somehow muster the courage to conquer that foe, I will applaud you as well.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I admire your honesty! We all have to start somewhere, and that can be at any time in life. I think yours is a familiar story that many would just be too proud to admit.

Rick Nier said...

Thanks! If nothing else, I'm learning to laugh at myself.