Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Kind of Church I Want to Be a Part Of

I wear a few different hats at my church. That may be understating things, but suffice it to say I get to know a lot of different people in a lot of different age groups.

One of the benefits is the relationships I build with multiple generations and the vantage point from which I can see where our church is at. On any given Sunday, I will have lots of different people that I would like to catch up with as several people that might seek out my attention.

Yesterday was one of those days. But I should mention that one of the areas I oversee is that of children. And children will get your attention....ummm...whenever they can.

I was leading in our worship service, which will involve leading the singing as well as calling ushers to collect the offering. This year in our church, we have children collecting change for missionaries.

So while the ushers are collecting money in an organized fashion, we have about 20 kids running around the sanctuary, shaking people down for their loose change. Then they make their way to the stage where they drop the change into a big container.

And that's when this one young boy sought out my attention. After dropping some change into the bucket, he crossed the stage to where I was, lifted up his shirt sleeve and proudly showed me his tattoo.

There's a service going on? Doesn't matter.
You're not a sailor? Who cares!?!

This is the kind of thing I want happening at my church. It's a place where people seek one another out. It's a place where the flow of what was planned can be interrupted for the spontaneous. It's  a place where we can celebrate what is going on in our lives, even when that celebration centers around a no-doubt temporary tat that will be gone by next week.

That's the kind of church of which I want to be a part.

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