Monday, January 25, 2016

This is Why Most Resolutions Should Fail

Much is said about the rush of the Christmas season. Do we even take time to slow down and remember why we asked for new tech from our wife? Or why we gave out gift cards when we didn't know what else to get our friends?

What I think gets missed is that the New Year comes in with as much noise as all the Christmas songs ever could. Even if we had slowed down to read again about God become a man, the hectic pace picks up exactly where it left off once the calendar year turns over.

And why not? The work our boss was kind enough to let slip in the last week of December will now require our full attention the first week of January.

And those resolutions aren't going to write themselves. While I have no problem with people challenging themselves to new things this year, I wonder if we should start by resolving to know why we're resolving.

My fear is that the new diet, the new exercise habit, the new reading goal, the scary business opportunity, the money saving idea....along with a myriad of other potential ideas out there, might all have one common goal.

To get us noticed.

That's right, I wrote it! While all the resolutions could have good and sound reasons behind them, many of us might settle to just be seen bettering ourselves. As if we could improve on what the Creator created.

I'm not going to tell you I'm resolving to not do anything. I have goals. I have dreams. But I am making it my goal to not set any goal without knowing why I am setting the goal.

It's a big world out there. It's ok to feel small. It's ok to be small.

As February looms, seeing most of us needing to make new resolutions, after our New Year's resolutions were scrapped, don't let that knowledge get you down. God made you. He loves you. I believe He has a plan for your life. But don't ever get confused into thinking that it requires 15 minutes of fame, or even the notice of anyone besides your Heavenly Father.

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