Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Yesterday Was Not Leap Day

Here is the advice I gave to my wife yesterday morning.  

Happy Leap Day wife! Yes, I often call her wife. It's February 29. This only happens once every 4 years. So take advantage of it. Live it to the full. It's a gift from God. 

But if you feel like you need to correct somebody who comes to you expecting a little too much from Leap Day, then feel free to remind them that today is not actually an extra day. That's right! Today is not Leap Day!

How can you say that, Rick? It's Leap Day. This day only comes along once every four years. 

Assuming we are all going to survive this year, and yes I realize that's an assumption, today is not the extra day. For all of us living this day, we would have lived this day even in a non-leap year. We simply would have called it March 1. 

If every year has 365 days, then the extra day we are given this year will be the 366th day. That would be December 31. So the extra gift is not coming our way for another 10 months. 

Does that deflate your balloon a bit today? Here is why it shouldn't. 

The simple fact is that every day is a gift. No one is guaranteed to make it to December 31. No one should wait 10 months to celebrate life. 

Today is still Gods gift, whether it was given a special label or not. The calendar may not often read February 29, so live it to the full. But do the same tomorrow, because there will not be another March 1, 2016. So live tomorrow to your fullest potential as well. 

Oh, and the next day.

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