Friday, April 15, 2011

The Global Warming Deception

Ok, I've got a great idea for another book-turned-into-movie. I can even hear the voice-over in the preview.

We have survived war upon war. When the Nazi's attacked, they were defeated. When Communist Russia tried to take over the world, they were stopped. But now, we face a force that leaves them both looking like little toddlers who have just wet themselves. Prepare for....Global Warming!

The musical score alone would be moving. But sadly this is an real story that we have to deal with, no matter what you believe to be true. Grant R Jeffrey has written The Global Warming Deception: How a Scret Elite Plans to Bankrupt America and Steal Your Freedom.

For the sake of being totally upfront, let me say that I enjoy pondering about things like secret governments and cover-ups such as this. Having said that, I believe the book starts out a bit slow. Grant takes an extended introduction plus 3 chapters to really lay the foundation. I understand why he does it. If you are going to show there is a problem, you need to back up the claims. It just doesn't make for the most fascinating reading.

Here is the premise. Scientists are making up the effects of global warming as a means to scaring everyone into making rules that will cost a lot and essentially lead us into a socialist take-over. Sound far-fetched? Maybe, but Grant does a good job of referencing everything and slowly showing us how it could happen.

The fun, I think, begins in chapter 4, when the mud starts being flung. Here Grant asks 3 great climate-change questions.

  1. To what degree has the small measurable rise in global temperature been caused by the normal variation of the climate through natural processes? Conversely, how much is attributable to humanity's increased use of fossil fuels?

  2. How severe will the rise in global temperature be during the rest of this century?

  3. What reasonable political, social and economic policies should we pursue to deal with the consequences of a continued rise in global temperature over this century, if this should occur?
He then spends the rest of the book showing how scientists with an agenda skew the numbers to match what they want. Along the way he finds some fascinating quotes, like an 1895 New York Timesheadline warning of the coming Ice Age. (page 65) An entire chapter is used to show that Al Gore, besides not inventing the internet, also knows very little about global warming and what is actually true, at one point stating that the core of the Earth is 'several million degrees', when in actuality this would make the Earth a star and not a planet. (page 101-102)I think the most fun come sin chapter 8, when Grant points out that in all the testing for global temperatures and the causes, scientists fail to include the sun in their calculations. Without even going into all the scientific date that Grant provides, can I just ask, 'How do you get to be a scientist while thinking the sun has no effect on the temperatures of the Earth?' Maybe they skipped that day in science class.

Grant lays out the implications throughout the book, stating that a socialist view wants the rich and the poor to meet somewhere towards the poor end of living. So while this may or may not be what causes World War 3, it does have serious implications for all of us. And someone needs to be talking about it. This book is a good start.

This book was given to me for the purpose of review by my good friends at Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing. They old me to say something, but not what I had to say. Anything positive or negative is all me.

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