Monday, December 19, 2011

God First, Man Second: Christmas Edition part 4

This is part 4 of my God First, Man Second: Christmas Editions. You can find the other 3 here, here and here. No matter what you do at Christmas time, no matter what your traditions, I hope that you will take some time to remember why we even get to celebrate this season.

“Glory to God in the highest heaven,
and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” ~Luke 2:14

This is what it all comes down to. The whole heavenly host come out just to sing it. Glory is given to God. This is right, because God is deserving of our glory. In fact, God is the only One deserving.

What do we get? Peace. This is beyond our undertanding. We can think we understand it. But we know, deep down, we don't.

See, we come to this God-man relationship offering nothing. I could sugar-coat that for you since it's the holidays and all, but let's be honest. We're in a big heap of trouble and we have no actual solution.

But God, planning as only He can, prepares and foretells and gives us Jesus. I'm not saying that our lives as Christians become a cake-walk, though that would be yummy. But now we have an answer. And not a 12-step, apply twice daily, take this pill kind of answer. This is miracle beyond miracles!

God is worthy of our glory. We don't need it anymore. So give God the glory that is due Him.

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