Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Culture Shift

It is a battle for truth on every front. Since I believe right teaching leads to right thinking, this book was very intriguing to me. The book is Culture Shift: The Battle for the Moral Heart of America by R. Albert Mohler Jr, whose full name I'll only be typing out once for this post. 

You might expect, with a title like that, to read a diatribe by an angry representative from the Religous Right. Well, the truth is that I have no idea if Mohler is a card-carrying member of any club, but angry and justified are the last things I connect with him, or at least his writing.

Although, he does get political right from the beginning. Mohler argues that if Christians truly love God, then they must love people. And if they are to love people, political action will be required. I don't think he's just looking for us to show up at the polls in November. 

He begins with dispensing of a few myths and theories of how some think religion should interplay with politics and then gives us his framework. From there it is a series of articles, which is how they feel, on a wide range of topics. He tackles everything from the Supreme Court and science to natural disasters and terrorism. Along the way he also comments on integrity, character and whether our kids are coddled. 

I found each chapter to be thought provoking. There seemed at times that Mohler was less concerned with giving us a concrete answer as he was with making us consider what we believed. Besides refreshing, that might just be the answer the Church is looking for; Christians who think about what they believe and choose to stand up for it in the public square.

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