Friday, May 4, 2012


Kevin BaconI don’t want to go all Kevin Bacon circa 1984 on you, when he starred in Footloose and read from Ecclesiastes 3 and single-handedly revitalized a town by reminding them that there is, indeed, a time to dance. Of course, Solomon wrote about several other things that need a time and space as well. But Kevin Bacon can only star in so many iconic roles.

Yet there are times and reasons to celebrate. And it’s not just Solomon and Mr. Bacon that think so. David wrote of generation telling generation of God’s mighty acts and celebrating God’s goodness (Psalm 147:4-7). David is clearly a man after God’s own heart on this issue, because the Old Testament Law records at least one month each year of celebrating that the Israelites were to participate in for God’s glory.

So what are the reasons not to frown on a good party?

First, it takes us out of the mundane, allowing us to refocus on what is important. In the case of the Israelites and the Old Testament Law, that was focusing on how God was the giver of all good gifts. If you want to know just how important this was to God, check out Leviticus 25, where God lays down the law about Sabbath years and the Year of Jubilee. They were more than just year-long parties, but reminders of how God was actually providing everything they needed.

Maybe taking a year off is out of the realm of possibility for you, but how about this for a reason? A second reason is letting everyone around us know that we have something (and Someone) to celebrate. The disciples of Jesus were seen in stark contrast to the students of the Pharisees because they weren’t practicing fasting. But as Jesus pointed out, you don’t fast when you’re at a wedding (Matthew 9:14-15). 

I don't know about you, but when God seems to be all about a party, I don't think we should go hating on the idea. What do you think?

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