Friday, April 26, 2013

Rick's Rants: Travel Ketchup

A while I ago I ranted about the speed of ketchup. You probably figured I got that out of my system and was done pointing my ire at the ketchup industry. I know they hoped so.

But I'm not.

After all, they don't just put ketchup in bottles now, do they? Nope. When you want to be somewhere and feel less like home, they give you these travel packages of ketchup. Think fast food. Fast being the key word.

You're at the fast food restaurant for speed and convenience. It's not for your health. It can't be for your health. So when it comes to ketchup distribution, speed and convenience should also be of primary concern. This, of course, is why they don't use the bottle.

Most packets have a perforation. This saves you time in knowing not only where to tear, but in being able to tear. But I have seen an increasing number of ketchup packets that have no pre-perforated tearing point.
This must not be tolerated. Ketchup packets that have no perforated ripping point? What are we supposed to do, choose anywhere? Are we supposed to guess? Should we start bring scissors along to alleviate our stress in this process?

I don't know if this is simply the latest stressing point in an economy that is looking for relief somewhere, but we do have to stand up to the Man and let him know we have standards...and needs. These fries won't stay hot forever. They must be dipped in!

I realize I have only offered more questions, and perhaps more angst, by shedding light on this uncomfortable topic. It is my hope that perhaps if I stand strong, other will join me. If we remain stringent on this issue, perhaps our children can someday enjoy a day where there will be no condiment frustration.

Dare to dream!

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