Friday, April 5, 2013

What It Is!

Yesterday we reviewed a post from a year ago, talking about what significance isn't. Today, let's discuss what it is.

Just what is insignificance?

Insignificance is understanding
The dictionary definition of insignificance is lacking in importance or consequence. Sounds kind of dreary, doesn't it? I can almost hear you asking why we would be searching for this. In the interest of full disclosure, I heard you in the voice of my young son, who asks why he has chores and why he can't just play video games all day. Yeah, it's kind of a high, whiny voice, but I felt like I needed to be open with you.

While I'm not going to attempt to redefine the word, I think we put too much emphasis on being important and having consequence. If we understand our real role in this life, then we will understand that we do not need importance or consequence to fulfill it.

Insignificance is accepting
What are we accepting? We're accepting our secondary role. And when I say 'secondary', I mean desperately, hopelessly in second. As in, can you tell me who finished second behind Michael Phelps in any of his 8 gold medals of the 2008 Olympics?

I'm pretty open about the fact that I believe God has to come first in every area of our lives. This only leaves us with second place. In my mind, this is a second place that doesn't need a medal and does not have room to stand next to first in the trophy presentation.

Can you accept that?

Insignificance is longer lasting
This might perhaps be the easiest part of the definition. After all, people seem to grasp that fame only appears to last for 15 minutes. Yet we all still reach out to try and grab for these 15 minutes. Why? My theory is that we are hoping that, in those 15 minutes, we can do something that will lead to another 15 minutes.

Maybe you can. Most likely you won't. But you can go ahead and try. But if we find insignificance, I can almost guarantee that it will last longer than 15 minutes. And that's a good thing. Because if we're going to search for treasure, I sure want one that lasts.

Since you're considering this journey with me, is there anything I missed in this definition that you'd like to add? Oh, and are you ready to go?

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