Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's a Super Big Job

“It was a big responsibility,” the 30-year-old admits. “It was very important to represent the character’s physicality in the right way. I was living and breathing ___________. I just wanted to do this right.”

I'm leaving the name blank on purpose for a moment. I would like you to consider, just for a second or two, who should be saying this. You may realize the quote is from an actor, but disregard that. I think this should be a quote similar to what Christians say about representing Jesus every single day.
I'm not one to keep you waiting. The quote is from Henry Cavill and the blank should read Superman. It was from an article where Henry talked about physically getting ready for the role. Since Superman has often been a Christ-figure in the world of comics, I instantly saw the comparisons.

Cavill immediately began work with 300 trainer Mark Twight. He recalls the first meeting, when Twight peppered him with workout questions.
“Then he asked, ‘Would you like to use steroids or HGH (human growth hormone) to get to where you want to go?’ I immediately said no. And he said, ‘Good. Because if you did, I wouldn’t train you.’”
Playing Superman without steroid cheating was vital to Cavill. He wanted to be as clean as the character. “To take a shortcut to get to that place is not what Superman represents. That was important to me,” Cavill says. “That’s when I learned what work was.”

Temptations will come. Shortcuts will be offered. We know that many take that route. As a superhero fan, I am happy to see stories like this. Again, it should match the dedication we see from our brothers and sisters in Christ as we pursue a much larger role...imitating Christ.

It's time we started some serious training.  

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