Thursday, August 22, 2013

Let Me Put What I Think In A Song

We all have those facepalm moments, when you realize that someone is out there because no one told them they shouldn't be. Looking out at celebrity culture provides us all the material we want, if only we will look. Some of us don't always have a choice.  

That would include those of us having tween daughters. It means having plenty of opportunities to listen to One Direction. In their big hit, What Makes You Beautiful, they have a line. It's a dumb line. I'm sure it's not the only one. But they tell this girl that they prove their point by putting it in a song.

Oh, is that all we have to do? When our backs are against the wall, and we've met our mental match in an argument, can we just put down our ideas to music and be held up as irrefutable? 

If that's the case, Joe "Beans" Esposito was singing to me when he said "You're the best around." He proved it by putting it in a song. 

Pink Floyd said "we don't need no education." Would you like to tell your kids, or shall I?

I'm sure there are others. Care to share?

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