Friday, October 3, 2014

JESUS & His Friends

This is the next part of a series of lessons I'm doing with preschoolers. For this one, I showed them an old phone. When you hear 'old phone', you might assume I mean the original iPhone. But no, this bad boy had a cord, something which used to be the norm. They looked at me as if I was from another world.

~Does it have any apps? No.
~Does it have any games? No.
~Can it talk to you like my mom's phone? No, but my mom used phones like this.

How many of you have seen a phone that was attached to a wall? When I was a kid, all of our phones were attached to walls. They had cords that kept them in place. If you wanted to use a phone, you had to stay in one place. When I wanted to talk to my friends, I would have to stay in one place as I talked to them.

In the Bible, we read stories of Jesus ‘calling’ His friends. Do you think He used a phone? Nope. They didn't even have phones back then. Maybe Jesus had to use two cans and some string? Nope.

When it says Jesus ‘called’ His friends, it meant that Jesus was asking His friends to come and be a part of what He was doing. Some of His friends were fishermen, but Jesus said they would come and fish for men. Doesn't that sound funny? To fish for people?He wanted to tell people about how much God loved them. The best way to do that was to get a bunch of friends who wanted to do the same thing.

How many of you have ever played a game by yourself? Some games can be played all by yourself, but the best games are games played with friends. Jesus wanted some friends to come along with Him and show the world how much God loves everybody.

Jesus valued friendships. He said friends should be willing to do stuff for one another. (serve, love, give, etc.)

I want to encourage you to be a good friend. Be someone who others like to play with, someone who others want to meet. Jesus wants us to be good friends because He loves everybody, just like He said in John 3:16. Let’s practice our verse again.

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