Friday, October 31, 2014

JESUS & the Samaritan Woman

This is the next in a series of lessons I am sharing with our preschool kids at church. I love telling stories about Jesus. 

I have a question that is just for the girls. Ladies, have you ever thought that boys just kind of smell funny?

Now I have a question for the boys. Boys, don’t you think girls are just kind of weird?

Well, it is true that boys and girls are different from one another. But can boys and girls still be friends and play together?

I think they can. I have another story about Jesus to share with you and this one involves a cup of water.

Jesus and His friends were travelling from Judea to Galilee. But they didn't have cars back then. And most people didn't have horses to ride on. No bikes or skates either. So when they went somewhere, they had to walk. To get from Judea to Galilee would take 2 & ½ days.

Can you imagine walking for 2 & ½ days? (I think Jesus leading the disciples around would have been similar to a teacher leading a class full of preschoolers.)

It was a lot of walking and they would have been hot…and tired. So they stopped in a place called Samaria. Most of the people Jesus hung around with didn't like the people in Samaria. They were different. They probably thought they smelled kind of funny. But Jesus loves everyone.

So Jesus’ friends went in to buy some cheeseburgers while He waited by a well. (A well was where people got water.) While Jesus was waiting, a woman came out to get water. Jesus asked her for a drink. But this surprised the woman because Jesus was a boy and she was a girl. Plus, Jesus was Jewish and she was from Samaria. She was surprised that Jesus would even talk with her.

But Jesus loves everybody.

Jesus kept talking to this woman and He told her why He was there and what He wanted to talk about. In fact, Jesus was so friendly with this girl that she went and got all her friends and family together to come learn from Jesus.

So Jesus stayed around, making new friends and showing everyone how much God loved them. But it wouldn't have happened if Jesus hadn't been willing to become friends with someone who was different from Him.

God loves all the world. He wants us to love everybody as well. In fact, when we love people, we are showing them that God’s love is for everybody.

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