Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Raking Discipleship

No one will ever accuse me of always being on top of everything. Ideas bounce around in my head for a couple of weeks before I ever put them down. So the fact that I am posting some thoughts about raking weeks after I last pulled out a rake shouldn't really be any surprise. My only defense is that truth doesn't fade. 

I can't decide if it is more satisfying to see the ginormous pile of leaves separate my yard from the street as if I'm building up a harvest-themed barricade from any passersby. Or if I enjoy watching the giant vacuum owned by our township when it comes around and removes any evidence that leaves were once on my yard.

About a month ago, before it began snowing, I got out my leaf blower. I knew leaves were just starting to fall, but I thought I would tackle the task little by little. I did the same thing on Saturday. I did even more raking the following Monday. The good news is that my youngest daughter was able to jump in the biggest pile we have ever made. I may have even lost track of her a time or two in there. The bad news? I still see leaves on my trees.

I did have three helpers, though they weren't always happy about it. When I asked my teen why she disappeared for awhile, I came around the side of my house to see her creativity combined with her work. 


Even with teamwork, I focused on 'team' while my kids seemed focused on 'work'. When the snow began to fall way too early for anyone's good, the team spirit hit a new low, especially since there were still leaves on the trees. How is this even possible?

Our walk of faith can often feel like this; performing the same tasks only to be told we'll need to do it again. I assure you, it makes a difference. Don't forget how often we are encouraged in the Bible to carry on, to keep on, to not give up, to keep looking forward.

The truth is that our habits now will be revealed later. We may convince ourselves that we have done an adequate job raking leaves out of yard. But when they show up in piles of snow, the truth will be inescapable. When next spring comes and wet nasty leaves litter the yard and need to be bagged, the truth will be felt.

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