Friday, November 21, 2014

Start Over

This is going to sound a bit like a first world problem, and I suppose it is. Yet I'm telling you this story to share, not complain. Here's what happened.

My daughter has an iPod Touch, something she got after saving lots of nickels and dimes. And in a twist of fortune, when it stopped working, it was one week before the warranty ended. Even better, we were headed to Chicago and an Apple store. The process was quite delightful as they happily replaced the product and my daughter walked away with a new iPod.

Just a week later she shared how quickly the battery was draining. I took it as a sign she was using it too often. But such was not the case. So I placed a call to the Apple store. They told me to restore it. This, of course, meant emptying it of all its data and restoring it to factory settings.

Suddenly, I realized that for all the jokes we make about Microsoft (fix every problem by restarting), this was, in essence, the fix for the Apple product.

But isn't restarting the fix for a lot of life as well?

Make a bad decision? Start over.
Having a bad day? You need a restart.

I mentioned this idea to my daughter Jacie and said there was a sermon in there somewhere. She immediately thought of the song Restart by Newsboys. I knew instantly that I was raising her right. And, who knows, maybe she will be a pastor herself someday. For now, she can be a resource of ideas. Speaking of, here's the video...

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