Thursday, June 16, 2016

52 Ways to Connect With Your Smartphone Obsessed Kid

Yes, please!

That's the answer to the question of whether every parent should have this book in your hands. It also answers the following questions;

  • Can any and every parent put this book into practice?
  • Will this book give me a renewed focus and energy into my parenting?
  • Will this book give me a few ideas for asking questions? (How about hundreds!)
Jonathan McKee has offered up a tool with parents, teens, and all of our busy schedules in mind. Each chapter is concise, full of stories, ideas and lots of good discussion starters. 

I'm not exactly sure how he does it, but somehow McKee manages to show his expertise and experience while still making the reader feel like he is just one of us. I'm sure he would say that he IS just one of us. 

By sharing his successes and his failures, he opens up the possibilities of what could be happening between parents and their teens. Giving us each hope that today's drama doesn't have to be tomorrow's certainty. 

I could see this book being useful for parents to read together, even just reading a chapter a week and then implementing the idea. Or a small group of parents would be able to use this as a useful encyclopedia of ideas, even adding their own. 

I would encourage every family to be reading this book, no matter if your family resembles the Bradys or the Kardashians. There is something here for everyone!

You can find the book right here!

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