Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Parenting Without Regret

Have you ever felt like you were falling short of all your parenting goals? Ever recalled all your statements of what kind of a parent you'd be before you had kids, and then realized you were striking out on all of them? Ever looked around at other parents and wondered what kind of voodoo magic they were using to create such normal human beings who contributed to society?

Are you a parent? If your answer is yes to this last question, then it has, in your most honest moments, been yes to all the previous questions as well.

Parenting Without Regret: Raising Kids with Purpose, Not Perfection is a book by Jimmy and Laura Seibert, which may or may not help. I know, I know, that doesn't sound like a glowing endorsement of a book. But hear me out.

I liked this book. I think you should read this book. If other books read more like practical how-to's, then this was more like a book on theory, which is very important. We all need parenting hacks, but we also need to stop and consider what our habits and outlook on life are producing in the next generation.

Jimmy and Laura take turns telling us about successes and failures from their own experiences, letting us inside all of their own doubts, and who hasn't had those? Yet they talk about the downsides of parenting with as much openness as the victories they have had. One can get the sense that you're gleaning wisdom from parenting experts who would never consider judging you, because they've been there.

They take you on their journey all the way from finding your purpose to helping your children find theirs, defining moments along the way and everything in between. It's a simple read with some hard truth, both reasons you should add this to your stack.

I received this book from my good friends at Speak Easy. They ask me to provide a review but don't tell me what to say.

Book site: parentingwithoutregret.info

Interview with Jimmy and Laura Seibert on Parenting without Regret

Parenting without Regret on Amazon


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