Monday, December 12, 2016

Overjoyed or Disturbed?

In Matthew 2, the Magi come to visit King Herod. They ask about the King of the Jews. We’re told King Herod is disturbed and all Jerusalem with him. He asks the chief priests and the teachers of the law for details on where the Christ was to be born.

Why are the chief priests disturbed?

Why all of Jerusalem?

King Herod being disturbed, I get. He was a king, and the mention of another king coming would naturally be seen as a threat. King Herod responds and acts throughout this story just as we should expect him to act.

But the teachers of the law? Were they not focused on the prophecies at all? Jesus came quoting the Law and the Prophets. I assumed God’s people would be about looking for the Messiah. They knew enough to tell Herod the Christ was to be born in Bethlehem.

And why didn’t they go to Bethlehem? They hear that a star has been seen, and that foreign kings are coming to see this baby born, but we have no record of them checking it out for themselves. Understand, this is before Jesus said anything offensive. This is before He focused on children and sinners and tax collectors. This is before He exposed the evil hearts of those who were supposed to be Israel’s shepherds.

I didn’t see Cubs fans waiting their entire lives for a World Series championship and then skipping out on the celebration. We’ll celebrate the next one.

Something very wrong was going on in the hearts of these teachers of the law, these followers of God, that they chose not to respond to the movement of God. Something was amiss when they heard about the coming and decided to simply not go.

The Magi continued on, found Jesus, and worshipped Him.

        The teachers of the Law decided not to go, not to seek, not to worship.

The Magi are described as being overjoyed when they found Him.

        The teachers of the law were disturbed.

Where is your heart this season? Are you seeking? If you were to accidentally stumble upon God moving in your midst, would it bring you joy? Or would it disturb you?

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