Thursday, December 29, 2016

This is Why Christmas Happened

Imagine being in the best place ever. Don't get hung up on it looking like other people's best place ever. Just imagine a place that you never tired of, never grew weary of being and could never imagine some place better.

Best place ever.

Now imagine the best person ever. Don't make this about a boyfriend or girlfriend. Forget the possibilities of tension. Just imagine a person that you never grew tired of, never grew weary of being around, and could never imagine someone better to hang out with.

Best person ever.

In the best place ever.

Now imagine a scenario in which I could give you something to stop hanging around with the best person ever, in the best place ever. What kind of trade would it take? What kind of deal could I make you?

Seems ridiculous, right? What could I possibly have to trade you for being in the best place with the best person? You'd have to be a fool...or at least be fooled into thinking there was something else...something more.

Maybe this sounds stupid to you. Maybe you're sitting there thinking to yourself, 'If I am content thinking I have the best possible situation, why even consider the possibility of something better? Why want for more when I'm already perfectly happy?'

Or maybe you want to at least hear me out. Perhaps the offer intrigues you. Upon hearing the trade offer, which is little more than a curtain hiding a lie, imagine what the best person ever thinks as you actually take the trade.

What would have to happen to cause you to hide from the best person ever in the best place ever?

But this is basically what happened in Genesis 3. I was reminded of this truth as my awesome wife reminded the kids of our church that the Christmas story began in Genesis, where we see the reason why Jesus had to come in the first place.

This is why Christmas happened.

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