Thursday, September 26, 2013

It Has To Stop

My family passed a field of crosses, each one representing four lives that have been taken in our county since 1972. My kids asked. Inside, my heart sunk. Innocence was about to be broken once more. 

You know about that, right? When you have to first tell your kids that mean people exist. When you have to confess that even you aren't perfect. When you tell them that death happens. That crime happens. Why flags are sometimes flown at half-staff. 

A little more of their innocence is chipped away from the beautiful sculptures that they once represented. You wonder where jaded people come from? They are made by parents having to tell children about sin. 

In this case, the sin was abortion. As we explained to our kids that sometimes fear, sometimes confusion and sometimes a lack of love, cause people to kill babies. Tears filled my eyes, even as I drove, as my 3 children spilled with questions and contempt for anyone who could think that killing a baby was okay.

Why would anyone do this? Why would we allow this? Why isn't this against the law? Who thinks this is okay?

Even kids get that this is a wrong that needs to stop. 

I don't know who reads my blog or how you came across it. It's entirely possible that you have had an abortion and my words sound callous and uncaring. If this is in your storied past, at a time when other options did not seem present or available, I want you to know that my scorn is not directed at you. Forgiveness is available to you just like it is for me. But if you're among those who refuse to accept the truth, clearly made available to those who fear God and those who do not, then accept my scorn as your shame. 

Because even children understand abortion is wrong. 

If you are in a position where you are considering this as an alternative, please find me. Hope is available. Help is here. No judgement, just understanding.

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