Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Ever Changing Morals

Have you seen this story, coming out of Florida, about the cheerleaders whose uniforms are so heinous that they are no longer allowed to be worn during the school day? Fortunately, for high school guys everywhere, they can still be worn at sporting events. 

I write this as a former Florida high school male who enjoyed seeing cheerleaders. But I write that last line, partly to my shame, as I am now a father of two daughters and pray against them ever wanting to wear those cheer leading outfits. 

If you read the article, you'll see quotes from the parents of the cheerleaders. They, of course, are aghast at the whole situation. They can't believe something deemed appropriate for sporting events is deemed inappropriate for the school day. If you're looking for the collective face-palm worthy moment of this post, it's in this paragraph.

What we should be aghast at is that we have been allowing our daughters to wear the skirts so short that even the school system can see it's a distraction to our stated purpose of education. Has no one done a study on increased attendance on spirit days in high schools?

Whoever said 'what one generation tolerates, the next will accept' was not far off. This is a great example. We have become so backwards in our thinking that parents, parents!, are now mad because their daughters can't wear skimpy outfits.

Maybe I'm parenting wrong, but I still have an eleven year old that has been trained to see too much skin as too much skin. It appears now I will have to include a caveat to these morals. Too much skin is apparently okay after they get out of school. 

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