Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Who Let The Napper In?

I'm not saying that I am the Billy Graham of preschool chapel speakers, but at that moment, I was getting it done. 

Every other kid in the room (of about 70) was laughing and giggling and keeping focused on me. But there was this 2-year old insomniac who couldn't keep her eyes opened. She was the toddler version of that old man in every church service. You know the one. His toupee is off kilter and he doesn't seem to mind his gob being wide open. The drool travelling down his chin is distracting at least 6 other people. 

But the devotional I gave to those preschoolers was good. I shared the love of God with a roomful of little ones, and most of them stayed awake to hear it. So why is it I can only think about that one sleeper? 

We do that. We focus on the negative, even when it is in clear minority to the positive. Well, I'm going to get positive on this one. If ever they decide to do a crusade for preschoolers and they start looking for a speaker, I'm dropping my name in the hat. But I'm posting men at every door, finding out if all these little ones missed their nap time or not. 

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