Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Day I Saw an Accident

Today I saw an accident. It involved 3 semi trucks and a van. It didn't look pretty. Amongst the 3 dozen squad cars, firetrucks, and tow trucks, they had some guys holding a sheet up to block the view of the passersby. Now I've seen accidents before, and I've seen worse than this. But it struck me that someone was not getting home tonight to their family. It makes me thankful for mine.

Now I am neither young nor naive enough to assume that this will mean some life change for me where I live every moment in thankful expectation of the next one. But it is a good reminder to me to stop...and be thankful. I made it home tonight to my family. Thank you Jesus.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some Day

Have you ever tried to get 3 energetic children to all smile at the same time, while in the same area, while looking the same direction? I have. This picture shows my best effort.

It makes me think of church unity. Have you ever tried to get 150 people to all focus on One thing, while all at the same place? It's a crazy adventure. Do you ever wonder what that picture would look like?

I guess for now, I'll be satisfied with the picture I have...and keep striving for the picture that God wants.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Video Game Daze

Recently my 5-year old son has become quite proficient at Crash Team Racing. This is a bit surprising as his hands are not yet big enough to hold down all the buttons, thus limiting what he can do in the game. And though I have helped him in several levels, he has beaten a few levels that I've yet to beat.

This took another turn yesterday, when he was asked by his older sister to help her defeat a level. There will be no living with him now.

This has no other purpose than for me to say that my son rocks. Never mind that eating and sleeping now get in the way of his gaming. He is actually taking time to learn the insides of this game. He's in a serious video game daze right now, one that'll only be slowed down by kids of his own. I know, because they are the single biggest factor keeping me from my video games.