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What do you know?

Have you ever paused to think about what we know to be true? If you are the type of person who is quick to judge, as I am prone, then you know that sometimes we only think we know what’s true. Oftentimes we have only to wait a little bit to be given more information.
Something like this is happening in Luke 8. Jesus appears to be going non-stop from town to town healing people. In fact, for the people who lived this story out, that may have been the only detail they actually knew for sure. 
In fact, He is on His way to the home of a dying girl, at the father’s request, when a woman intentionally touches Him and is healed. I say intentionally because it causes a scene. 
If you can imagine the kind of roving mosh pit that was the crowd clamoring to be close to Jesus, then you realize many people would have been touching him. Because, you know, some people are close walkers. 
They trip over your feet and accidentally bump you because of their proximity. Some people do it on purpose. Others a…

Who Are You Spending Time With?

All I wanted was a deep-fried candy bar.

I took my 12-year old to the county fair last night. The teenagers were with friends, and so I was able to give 100% focus to one child. But let me be clear. I hate the fair. If other people did not exist in my life, I would have absolutely no reason to ever go to the fair.

But by going to the fair, you realize just how many people do exist. Seriously, where do some of these people, and their corresponding senses of style,come from? Because it’s like someone said people of Walmart couldn’t get any stranger and the county fair said, “Hold my beer.”

I digress. I am at the fair with my daughter. She wants to ride some rides. I am avoiding eye contact with the barkers wanting me to prove myself by squirting water into a tiny hole or toss a quarter on to a cooking-sprayed dish. All I want is a deep-fried candy bar.

We buy some tickets for my daughter to ride the rides. Let me pause again and tell you I have been quite clear with friends about my dis…