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When What We Want Isn’t What We Really Want

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A person asks for something and then immediately complains when they get it. It’s not exactly what we meant or precisely what we thought it would look like. 
We won’t necessarily return it, but we’re not going to celebrate it. It’s a common party trick and it doesn’t just happen with toddlers.  It’s Going To Look Like I’m Changing The Subject I was included recently in a discussion about worship music. The conversation was on social media, because that’s where most people are level-headed and reasonable. 
The author of the article was waxing eloquent about which worship music songs could be sung in church with a clean conscience. Whereas I would normally assume songs are selected by how repeatable the bridge is, this author was breaking down the worthiness of songs based on who had authored them.
Sure, he was paying attention to lyrics, but if he believed lyrics could be taken one of two ways, and one of those ways could even be misconstrued as…
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Why I Wish I Had Written Psalm 13

If I'm being honest, there are times I wish I could have written Psalm 13. Check out the boldness with which it starts. 
"O Lord, how long will you forget me? Forever? How long will you look the other way?" ~Psalm 13:1
If we're thinking through what it takes to write these words down, we realize it comes with a lot of courage...or maybe stupidity. Listen, if this guy believes God exists, he has to believe that God is bigger and more powerful than us humans.* 
Even if you think God has forgotten you, I'm not sure calling Him out in this way is what you want to do. 


Especially if your argument for favor from God is going to be based on your good behavior, is that really the kind of attention you want? God knows all. God sees all. It seems like a risk to get God's attention just because you feel life is treating you unfairly at the moment. 
"How long must I struggle with anguish in my soul, with sorrow in my heart every day?" ~Psalm 13:2
It may not …

The Creator and an Idea

In the beginning there was an idea. It wasn't our idea. The idea stemmed from the Creator of all things. Being relational, God let His idea come to fruition. This idea, to create people who would love their Creator, was a good idea. It is a good idea. But it was not the only idea. 
Some may have assumed the idea's next part. Because we were made in the image of One who loves, we were also intended to love one another. This idea was also good. And it makes sense. If we love our Creator and understand that He meets all our needs, we are then set loose to freely give of the love born in us. 


In theory, these ideas can work together seamlessly, with the creation crying out to the Creator. This alone should fill us up. At the same time, we can express unique qualities given to us by a very imaginative Creator. After all, we are better off when each part of the body does as intended. "This makes for harmony among the members, so that all the members care for each other.&…

Someone Has To Speak Out

Certainly someone somewhere has spoken up against travesties in these trying times. It is the great crisis of our day, where innocent people are hurt, and bullies are allowed to continue their abuse. 
I am, of course, talking about people who pass off gluten-free options as if they were real food. 

Nope! I'm sure there are more qualified people than me to address this situation. (Gordon Ramsey comes to mind.) But until I am assured that our top people are working on a solution, I'm going to operate under the same rules we have for keeping our schools safe; see something, say something.
If you can bear to read on, here's my own harrowing story of survival. 
It was a night at home like any other, which is to say it was the one night all week without any meetings or high school sports. Plus, it was taco night. That's right! This was going to be a good night. Who doesn't love shoving yummy ingredients into a warm taco shell and allowing the taco to make all yo…

Will You Pray With Me?

My kids are all teenagers now, but I can still recall the bedtime routines we had when they were younger. It was pretty much the same routines you have likely had. Brushing of the teeth, reading of books, last hugs and kisses, and mooing like cattle from the living room to the bedroom.


What, you never did that last one? Hmmm, ok. I guess that’s a story for another post. 
Now that my kids are 18, 16, and 13, the routines have changed. For instance, on nights without school, I’m the first to go to bed. But I digress. One routine has remained. And it happens because of my youngest child asking for it every night before she goes to bed.  Will You Pray With Me? It’s prayer. Every night she asks us to pray with her. Now I’m not saying she’s more spiritual than her siblings. She would say that, but I’m not saying that. 
In fact, the manner in which she sometimes asks us to pray reveals it. Feels more like her ticket to sleep than an actual desire to approach her Heavenly Father with…

I Need the Boldness of Some Sinners I Know

Have you ever come across someone who was really bold, but not necessarily in the good way? It's the person you agreed to give a ride to, and along the way they ask you if they can make a second stop. It's someone asking for money and then you watch them spend it on something they didn't need. It could be the child who comes to the dinner table and announces why they don't like what you cooked. Maybe it is the people who refuse to help, yet criticize the work being done. 
The nerve of some people, right?
It's the guy being crucified next to God. This guy being crucified for being a thief. Yeah, the guy who, according to Roman rule, deserved to be there. We're given no indication that this guy, this thief, had anyone there who was about to miss him. That guy. He turns to Jesus and asks if he can get into Heaven. 
Can you believe that?


The only thing more incredible than his request is the answer he receives from Jesus. 
Yes. Yes? 
Are you kidding me? I…

I’m Almost An Adult

I’m almost an adult. 
I’m sure I’m not the first parent in history who is sick of hearing that phrase. For those who may not have experienced such a thrill, it happens when your child is seventeen and decides the rules and limitations you have placed on them should no longer apply. 
Because, after all, they are almost an adult.
What’s So Special About Eighteen? Ah, eighteen, that magical age when you suddenly become capable of making every decision for yourself. Why? Because the government, that institution we trust with so many important decisions, declares you to be an adult. After all, you’re able to die for your country. You’re qualified to help decide the next leader of our nation. And you can smoke. 
Welcome to the club! You’re an adult! Woohoo! You’re now free and independent, with no authority left to rule over you and give you any restrictions. No authority except for landlords, bosses, police officers, and the aforementioned government officials. It would appear you are only …