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Will You Have a Good Seat?

There are many benefits of the job I have working for a Christian college. One of them is to pull out the trump card and say, I thought you loved Jesus, whenever they say something I don’t like. Ok, I’m kidding. I don’t actually say it out loud. 
The real benefit is working among like-minded believers who know we are all in this mission together to serve the King. Oh, we surely forget from time to time, and we all have our levels of maturity in the faith. But when we stumble, we’re surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses who can pull us aside and say, I thought you loved Jesus. (Kidding. Again, no one says it out loud.)
But here’s something that, seriously, does keep us all grounded. The faculty and staff are encouraged to attend the chapel services alongside the students. Yes, we all have much to keep us busy and it would often be easier to keep plugging away on a project or two. 
Yet there is no greater equalizer when people of different levels of authority gather with students who ha…