Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Independent Butterfly

It is our sense of individuality that pushes us to pursue our own dreams and desires, sometimes at the expense of others.

I had a group of teens together for a few days. Among other things we went to meals together. But since we had both guys and girls in this group, there was waiting involved. Waiting by guys. Waiting for girls. That's when one of the guys, Warren Lampkin*, decided enough had been enough.

Warren: I'm going to breakfast.
Me: Don't you think we should wait for the girls?
Warren: No, I'm an independent butterfly.

I'd never met a guy prior to this who referred to himself this way and decided that it was a good moniker, but Warren did. And Warren walked. Fortunately for the girls, Warren doesn't walk that fast and we were all able to catch up with him. But I think his point had been sufficiently made.

I suppose we all have a little independent butterfly in us. It can be good if we want to be inspiring and sing Celine Dion songs, but on second thought...

Perhaps if we really understood how connected we really are, we would be quicker to hold each other up. If we only knew how much our affecting others affected us, we would work harder at sticking with our friends. There is nothing shameful with holding another's hands and calling out together 'ohana'. That means family, in case you didn't know. And as Lilo and Stitch can tell you, family means that no one gets left behind.

So find your friends and hold on, or be forced the way of the independent butterfly.

*His real name.

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