Tuesday, September 14, 2010

For Love of the Game

A love for the game has been born. I took my 7-year old son to a high school football game recently. Granted, high school football isn't always the most quality, but I'm not sure it mattered that a field goal was not going to be made...at all...ever.

The boy was hooked. I think it was mostly the snack money his mom sent with him. But by the second half his cheers and jeers could be heard above all others in our section. He got excited at all the right times, and sadly for the home team, disappointed at all the disappointing times.

This wasn't all that surprising. He watches sports with me at home. But the level of intensity that he maintained the whole game almost made me want to calm him down. (He screams really loud...and it's high-pitched too.)

It kind of reminds me of when someone becomes a new Christian. Have you ever been around this person? As Lieutenant Dan explained to Forrest Gump, it's always, 'Jesus this and Jesus that.' They can't be stopped. They become a 1-person evangelism monster.

Newbie Christian: I want you to understand that God loves you. I want you to know that I've been there, wondering if life was worth it and who had the answers. I want to pray with you right now to receive Jesus as your Savior. That's what I want!
Unprepared Person: I meant what do you want to eat.

Like a cross-culture student, the rest of us veteran Christians stand awkwardly to the side, hoping that our friend will learn the ropes soon enough. If they don't, it will be time for an intervention. We'll explain to our hyper-evangelist that sometimes learning someone's name is a good idea before sharing with them the 4 spiritual laws.

We'll do all this with a twinge of guilt, not wanting them to think that our own fire has died. But perhaps, instead of hoping the newbie Christian will calm down, we should remember what it was like when we first understood that God loved us. Unlike the football game which may grow tired, God's love never grows old.

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