About Me

You don't know me. I'm ok with that. Well....maybe I'm not.

I mean, I want to be. I know I should be. After all, I'm a youth pastor who routinely teaches teens and others that it's not about them. I say it's about God. I believe it is. But my actions would say otherwise. Again and again I clamor for my fifteen minutes of fame. Who knows, maybe I experienced it in some local story but failed to realize it.

That's the thing about significance. No matter how much of it someone feels, he'll want more. Always.

So rather than search for something that can never fill me, I am going in the opposite direction. I have a wife and kids who serve to help in that endeavor. There is a church family that tolerates when I stumble along the path, all the while trying to show them the way as well.

If you'd like to follow, you're more than welcome. Beware, it's not always pretty. It's rarely perfect. But this is my journey. I will not stop until I find what I'm looking for.

It's my search for insignificance.