Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Get It Now!

Ahhh, the sweet satisfaction of winning an argument with.....

....a child?

Yes, a child. Not just any child, but my child. Perhaps you've had that moment as a parent, talking with your child. You know the moment. You know, when you are a few seconds away from blaming this spawn on your spouse because you can't possibly see any connection between this child's ridiculous behavior and your own spotless past. 

You know that moment, right? The only problem is when your aforementioned spouse reminds you of a similar time when you did the exact same thing. But I digress.

I live for the moment of sweet victory when a child realizes and accepts their misbehavior for what it is, apologizes and makes a 180, openly admitting your wisdom. It's the light-bulb moment when everything makes sense to them. 

I think God likes those moments. Because those moments are all about Him. You as a parent haven't said anything differently. The rules haven't changed. But a moment of understanding happens. This is something, as I confess as a parent, ca only be described as a gift from God. 

I've been reading Acts 9 this week and noticing a few things. Perhaps you've noticed. 

How strategic was God's choice of Saul that this guy was so knowledgeable and zealous that he persecuted Christians on one day, refuting the claims of Jesus. But then the very next day, he's arguing with people and preaching for Jesus? 

Scales fell from his eyes, indeed! 

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