Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Son For President

My 10 year old son does not appreciate President Obama. Now, before you assume I'm going to get political, remember where you're visiting. Not only do I not blog politics (unless you mean Church politics), I also don't talk a lot of politics at home. The only thing my kids want to know about the Government Shutdown is if it means they get more days off from school. Of course, that just leads to a new generation of jaded children thinking government does them no good.

The reason my son does not appreciate Obama's presidency is his wife. It is only because Michelle started the healthy living stuff for kids. Get Up an Move! Put Down That Cookie! Whatever it's called, my boy is not buying in. In his only political rant to date, here are his future presidential campaign quotes.

Kids can break their arm or get stung by a bee outside. Kids need to experience video games...inside...where its safe.

He was also a little put off when I told him he couldn't run for president for another 25 years. His distaste for politics is growing quickly. But he's not far off on his statement. He has both broken an arm and gotten stung by a bee while outside. That doesn't happen when he plays Mario Kart

Is anyone worried about our parenting? Don't be. After crushing his presidential dreams, I told him to take a risk and get outside. 

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