Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just One Man

Don't ever tell me that one guy can't make a difference. You go read Acts 9 and see a guy named Saul just take over the whole scene, arresting Christians in Jerusalem. He's got the taste of blood, after that whole deal with guarding the coats of the guys who stoned Stephen. 

But apparently the unchained lifestyle of singleness for Paul leaves him free and unfettered to travel and arrest Christians in other towns. (Admit it, you're a bit shocked that I just used the word unfettered on my blog, right?)

But Saul goes, has a conversion experience, which will hurt his persecution stats, but check out what we read in Acts 9:31. 

"The church had peace..."

Are you kidding me? Was Saul literally a one-man army? Was there no other God-fearing Jew that hated these upstart Christians enough to go and kill them? 

What was so different in Saul's childhood that he was the only one zealous enough to cause a rumble in Jerusalem before he actually met Jesus?

Perhaps the better question will be, what will keep you from being that one passionate guy (or gal) who will make such an impact on your community? And I mean the kind of impact that leaves people wondering what happened to all the noise when you're gone. 

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