Thursday, July 18, 2013

God is...

Last week I spoke at a camp. It was, overall, a good experience. That is, if you take away the lack of sleep, the icy lake we swam in, the large beasts that eat your flesh and the lack of sleep.

Did I mention lack of sleep twice? Sorry, I'm still recovering.

My favorite part, since I'm a teacher, was the chapel sessions we had. I had planned a God is series. You can read parts of those talks here, here, here and here.

It was a lot of fun, because many of these kids didn't have a great knowledge of the Bible or the incredible stories within its pages. Since I love to retell these amazing stories, this became to the perfect place to do just that.

As I shared with them just how big, powerful, awesome and personal God is, it refreshed me as well. God is not just those things for people who have never heard of Him. He is those things for me and you as well. In so many stories, the writers reflect God's heart. God just assumes His nature, His existence, His mission and His goal.

That shouldn't surprise us. After all, God is! So if you're feeling discouraged today, perhaps you should tell yourself exactly what you would tell someone who doesn't yet know or accept God. God loves you. God has an amazing plan for you. And God won't leave you alone.

God is...

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