Friday, November 22, 2013

Blogging is Stupid

Blogging is stupid. Yes, I said it. Yes, I realize the irony of saying this on my blog. 

Please notice that I did not say bloggers are stupid. While I may be stupid, I certainly do not think you are stupid because you blog. I may think you are stupid for other reasons. (Of course I don't mean you, but let's keep that between us.)

But yes, blogging is stupid. I agree with the demotivational poster which once described blog in this way: never before has so much been read by so few. 


When one thinks about this, they'll realize that there are 7 billion people on this planet and 9 billion blogs. Most of them, mine included, are a secluded wasteland of one person's thoughts. I think there are probably 8 blogs in total which generate conversation. Half of those are primarily written in order to start the argument about to begin in the comments section. Go Internet!

But at least they begin a conversation of sorts. Everywhere else consists of people, like me, talking about what I want to talk about. Sometimes it makes me wonder why I don't just call a friend and tell them what's happening in my day. Maybe it's so I can label myself stupid and now prove myself lonely. 

Actually, I just wanted a creative way to say that I fully acknowledge how much blogging can lead one to think life is all about them. That, and what you can learn from me. But I will continue to remain true to my overall stated purpose on this blog, seeking insignificance. 

To that end, I am taking a break. You've got Thanksgiving food to eat and Christmas shopping to risk, so here's to a week off from reading me. Go read past posts if you'd like and boost my traffic. But I'll be back after next weekend for some more random thoughts, more random rants, some jumps into the Bible and perhaps a few new twists in focus as I continue my search. 

Thanks for keeping up with me and for not thinking blogs, bloggers and blogging is stupid. 

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