Wednesday, December 10, 2014

True Love Project

I was recently offered the opportunity to review True Love Project by Clayton & Sharie King. The subtitle is How the GOSPEL Defines Your Purity, and the Kings do a fantastic job of laying a great foundation.

Because we have all heard, and maybe even taught, that purity should be the goal, which means waiting for sex until marriage. But I hope Christians can agree that purity is so much more than that.

What I received was 3 separate books. There is the classic book, which could be read by anyone, regardless of which boxes you check when asked about age, beliefs, married or single. The book has follow-up questions after each chapter, lending it to use by a leader in a group setting. Like I said, Clayton and Sharie do a good job laying the foundation on what purity looks like and why it is important.

The other two books are more devotional style, one for guys and one for the ladies. I would recommend you get copies of these into the hands of your teens. 40 Days of Purity is the time frame, which may seem like a long time for teens to focus on one subject. But considering that media will spend years filling their minds with their own agenda-driven messages, 40 days seems like a good start.

I was given these books by my good friends at Salem Publishing and YouthWorker Journal. They give me books in exchange for an honest review, which is what you just got! 

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