Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter is Different

Here is what I find interesting. As Christians, we talk about Christmas in December, but that’s about it. To hear a lesson in July about the baby Jesus is like listening to Christmas music in January – nobody wants to hear about it anymore. It’s not that we don’t believe the story, but we basically read about it once a year.

But Easter is different. As Christians, we talk about the resurrection story of Jesus all year long. Why? Because Jesus dying for our sins, and rising again (showing He had power over death) is the whole reason we are who we are. Paul wrote that without Jesus rising from the dead, we have nothing and our religion is pointless.

Go ahead. Say those words out loud.



Say those words out loud while considering what it is you really believe. I can't speak definitively for you, but I know how I feel about things I believe. I know that I certainly don't want anyone considering my beliefs to be worthless or a waste of time.

Think about those words, pointless and meaningless and nothing, as you celebrate Easter this Sunday. If all you worship is a basket and a bunny, then maybe those words won't bother you.

But I don't worship a basket or a bunny. I worship God, sent His Son, Jesus, to die for my sins. I believe Jesus rose again, on the day I now celebrate as Easter.

The story is incredible. It can be incredibly hard to believe. But I do.

That makes Easter different.

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