Friday, May 29, 2015

Do I Still Blog?

The question has occurred to me more often in the past month than it likely has to everyone else combined. Do I still blog?

As a type-A, I like to see order in things, especially my life. When order is not seen, I struggle.

So, do I still blog? I ask myself the question. For starters, if I don't blog anymore, then that checklist of things to write about can stop plaguing me.

If I don't blog, then I can fill that writing time with something else. Like a nap.
If I don't blog, then I can bother people with something else.

It occurred to me that perhaps writing was just a stage. I had some stuff on my mind and I needed to get it off my chest. Maybe that's all it was and, now that I got it off my chest, I can simply go for a bike ride.

If you go back on my blog (not that you should), you'd find the overarching story line to be about my insignificance. The fact that I recognized my insignificance was something I felt like should be pointed out.

Well, I am still insignificant. And I still feel it should be pointed out.

There's no guarantee of how often I will do that. Once or twice a week is probable. I'll post about what bothers me, what amazes me, what startles me or simply what strikes me as blog-worthy.

If you're still along for the ride, let's go.

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