Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Doing Your Daily Duties

In a discussion with college students I led recently, we stumbled across the title of what will need to be a future book I write. For now it will simply have to be this blog post.

Doing Your Daily Duties: How to Avoid Becoming Spiritually Constipated. I know, I know, you would totally buy this book. Just let me write it first.

Our discussion, when it wasn't appealing to my third grade sense of humor, touched on the matters we say we want to accomplish each and every day. Things like prayer and Bible study to be sure. But also an unrelenting focus on the things that matter to God.

We acknowledged that we want these things to matter to us, but often times Netflix and the desire for a nap crowd out the time we have. I think it goes almost without saying (though I'm typing it right now) that the matters of God carry more for us than anything else we find to do. And yet?

Had we a Savior tapping on our shoulder to remind us of what we say we value, it would be easy to let Earthly things dissipate. However, the soft whisper of His Spirit does not often equal the smack upside our head that we actually require.

I concluded that our need for community is still great. Let's be honest; it's no fun to watch someone suffer in their bowels, spiritually or otherwise. So accountability, when offered with grace, should not be withheld or rejected. 

Our daily duties are not something to be left undone.

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