Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Real Christmas Story

If I write a non-Christmas article in December, will I be ignored by everyone who started listening to Christmas music in October? If I write a Christmas-themed thought, will I be ignored by all those sharing the spirit of Grinch and Scrooge?

Silly me, forgetting that most people ignore me all year long. Why would December be any different?
As anyone who writes any article, blog, book, etc. can tell you, there is an attempt, perhaps assumed and unspoken, by the author to reach the reader. Right where they are. If there can be some magical connection point between those who are not even in the same room, then the goal has been achieved.

This is why many simply choose to write whatever is on their heart. If I share my heart in an honest and open way, the thought process goes, then whoever miraculously happens to be touched was likely at a point of needing that word. So cast a wide enough net and you may just snag a few more readers along the way.

Others will aim their writing where they think the need is at the moment. These authors are after the same goal, mind you; they simply come at it from another direction. They want to touch the heart of the reader.

And while comments sections abound, and the forms and abilities to contact authors are numerous, it can still cause a moment of fear to spread through the author, wondering what impact his words will make.

Obviously, I can't speak for any other author about their feelings, but if any of this is accurate for anyone else, it could also have been true for the Author who sent a Word 2,000 years ago. His omniscience aside, He had to wonder how people would receive His Word.

We can read that Word and know exactly what was on the Author's heart. In fact, we can also know that there would be many who would choose to ignore His Word, His heart, His calling.

And yet...

There would be others. Others who needed what He had to say and received it like a long drink after a tiring journey. Some who were convinced after a short time and others who struggled the entire way to belief.

Unlike many authors who may never fully realize what impact their writing has made, the Author knows. In fact, when the connection point between Writer and reader is made, that is when the real story begins.

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