Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Learning About God, Learning About Us

Is it possible that at the same time God reveals truth about Himself, He is also revealing the truth about us? For example, I've always read the story of Samuel anointing David the same way. While God is busy rejecting David's older brothers, He tells Samuel that man looks at the outward appearance while God looks at the heart. The focus is on God. He's more focused on the inside and all that.

I wrote that as if it's no big deal and everybody gets it. Understanding that we do not, let's move on to the point I want to make.

Why are we so often surprised when people judge us by our outward appearances? Didn't God say that man looks at the outward appearance? He might not have said He was okay with this way of viewing people, but at least God warned us.

It's like being surprised when someone tells you a certain type of food is hot. It doesn't seem to slow us down from popping it in our mouths and then turning red in the face and searching for water. Didn't they say it was hot? What exactly were we expecting?

I discuss with people, quite frequently, how we should be focused on God and how it is all about God and not about us. This is true, but the questions that get us looking for God and His purposes are usually centered on us. Who are we? What is our purpose?

What we learn about God also teaches us about ourselves. It most often shows us what we are not. It tells us what we can become. It gives us hope for what should be.

So keep asking questions. Keep pursuing the answers. But don't be surprised when people still judge you by the outward appearance.

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