Friday, June 1, 2012

Vocabulary Words

I only thought I had graduated from doing homework. I did my time, I received my diplomas and I moved on. I had no idea that having kids would result in my having to repeat grades I had long forgotten.

How silly I am!

My children, still in elementary school, come home from full days of school with homework in areas that their teachers have not even covered. At least that is what my children try to convince me. Especially when it comes to math, I have had more than one example of the following conversation.

Me: How did your teacher say to solve these problems?
Them: She didn't teach us anything about this. (This is usually said with tears.)
Me: She just gave you homework on stuff she hasn't yet taught you how to do? (This is always said incredulously.)
Them: Yes! And she'll force us to make bricks without straw if we don't finish our quota!

I may be mixing that last part up with another story, but nevertheless, the angst they feel is real. But math homework is not the only stuff I have to check. The other day I had to review 10 pages of vocabulary words as my daughter demonstrated her mastery of new words and their prefixes. As a bonus she had to choose two words and write a sentence. She chose forecaster and distrust. The sentence she wrote?

I distrust you, Mr. Forecaster.

Ah, it would seem even my 10-year old understands that weathermen only have to be right half of the time to be seen as a success in their field. She is learning about people.

And so am I. I'll tell you more in subsequent posts, but alas, school is out for the summer. It's time for a break.

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